Re-using webinar content across various shows | Leads & Campaign IDs

Hi All,

We produce a number of webinars that sit in our ON24 engagement hub. The webinars are usually created as part of a show and we attach campaign IDs that are specific to the show the content was created for to the webinar. We find however after the show has concluded, a number of other shows want to re-use our webinar content in the engagement hub. But we can only assign one campaign ID to the webinar, and so we’re finding it very hard to differentiate leads, and which event/show the viewer has come from.

We do insert partnerref= codes on to our URLS, which helps us see the registration source, however, the campaign IDs is our pain-point. ON24 have suggested duplicating the content with campaign IDs per show, however it doesn’t make sense to have 5x pieces of the same content in our engagement hub, all with different IDs.

Has anyone else had this problem? How do you differentiate leads when multiple shows are re-using webinar content at the same time?

Hi Sky,

We don’t do it often, but if need be we do duplicate to utilize multiple campaign codes. Another option to consider would be to leverage the Target experience - you would still need to duplicate the content for multiple campaign codes, but you can create an experience for each show following the main hub event that could be leveraged ongoing.

Another potential workaround for such - to alleviate having the same piece of content duplicated on the hub - could you utilize categories and provide the category link only to each of the other shows that would like to reuse the content?

Hope this helps!

Hi Hailey,

Thanks for your response, some great ideas here.

At the moment we have shyed away from duplicating content, purely for the sheer number of shows we have re-using the same amount of content, and tracking it all down again if we did for whatever reason need to remove it from use.

We have just started using Target and are hoping the campaign ID on the content experience overall will help us better assign leads. We limit our use of the Engagement Hub categories only to our really flagship events, and so categories are also not an option but appreciate you sharing!

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